"i am alva" (2017)

video by sophia ioannou gjerding and xenia xamanek through "ORAUM"

"stoej indefra" (2017)

politiken podcast by christine Swanson og silja th√łgersen. music and sounddesign by xenia xamanek

previous shows and exhibitions

July 26-29 @ live
norberg festival, norberg SE

july 17 @ sound installation
aarhus artspace, aarhus DK

july 14 @ live - xenia xamanek feat. ydegirl
turku modern, FIN

july 4 @ dj set
roskilde festival, roskilde DK

june 23 @ live - gel/xenia xamanek
lyse naetter, cph DK

may 24 @ live - gel/xenia xamanek
Mayhem, cph DK

may 10 @ sound performance with the exhibition "consumed future spewed up as present" by lea guldditte hestelund
Overgaden, cph DK

june 1-22 @ "morphers" soundsculptures - art by numbers
kh7 artspace, aarhus

may 25 - june 10 @ "morphers" soundsculptures - smudge cleanse
kvit galleri, cph DK

may 27 @ performance (union for open vocalism)
alt_cph, cph DK

may 27 @ performance (s - care/ w. danseatelier)
alt_cph, cph DK

april 29 @ live
kunsthal aarhus, aarhus